Bobsama in Korea 밥사마는 한국에서

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Going to Jeju Island

Flying down Wednesday night for the Fire Festival. Coming back Sunday night. Pictures sure to follow.

EDIT: 젠장, just missed Boa.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gaijin Smash: Stories from an American teaching English in Japan
This guy captures well the spirit of living in Northeast Asia and teaching kids in another language.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thursday night: 63 building and Han River

Tallest building in the city.


River that cuts through Seoul.

Last weekend, 설날

Monday was a public holiday for the Lunar New Year. This is a Buddhist site near my home.




Payne Stewart sighting

This one's for my brother. Not sure how or why this video made it to Korea. These pictures were taken over a year apart.

Tinpan Alley, Hongdae

More Bobs

Rice joints abound for cheap, quick meals.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Korean language study through pop songs

What better way to develop one's accent and train for that next trip to the Noraebang, than with the "Korean Britney Spears"? I think we can all agree Lee Hyori is much more talented than her these days though.

Lee Hyori - 10 Minutes

Just one 10 minutes 내 것이 되는 시간
순진한 내숭에 속아 우는 남자들
Baby 다른 매력에 흔들리고 있잖아
용기 내봐 다가와 날 가질 수도 있잖아

어느 늦은 밤 혼자 들어선 곳 춤추는 사람들 그 속에 그녀와 너
왠지 끌리는 널 갖고 싶어져 그녀가 자릴 비운 그 10분 안에

지루했던 순간이 날 보는 순간 달라졌어 (I'm telling you)
오래된 연인 그게 아니던 중요한 사실은 넌 내게 더 끌리는 것

I say 너의 그녀는 지금 거울을 보며
붉은색 립스틱 화장을 덧칠하고
Baby 높은 구두에 아파하고 있을걸
나는 달라 그녀와 날 비교하진 말아줘

짧은 순간이 아니라고 했잖아 영화 속에 갇힌 우리가 되는 거야
영화 속 10분 1년도 지나쳐 어때 겁먹지는 마 너도 날 원해

지루했던 순간이 날 보는 순간 달라졌어 (I'm telling you)
오래된 연인 그게 아니던 중요한 사실은 넌 내게 더 끌리는 것

Just one 10 minutes 내 것이 되는 시간
모든 게 끝난 후 그녀가 오고 있어
Baby 붉은 립스틱 촌스럽기도 하지
내게 와봐 이제 넌 날 안아 봐도 괜찮아

Don't tell a lie just be yourself 힘들게 둘러 대지마
널 떠나 달라 말을해 (have it your way)
Bling Bling shine it's right to come 사랑에 빠진 거라고
거짓을 말할꺼면 모두 없던 걸로 해

I say 너의 그녀는 지금 거울을 보며
붉은색 립스틱 화장을 덧칠하고
Baby 높은 구두에 아파하고 있을걸
나는 달라 그녀와 날 비교하진 말아줘
Just one 10 minutes

Supplementary material: Lee Hyori - Making of 10 Minutes

How do I view and type Korean script (Hangeul) on a non-Korean computer?

When I first came here and started studying Korean I got the impression that you had to buy an extra keyboard in order to type in Korean. Not true. Here's what you need for your laptop from your home country:

What is an IME (Input Method Editor) and how do I use it?

How to add Language Support and Keyboard/IMEs

You may want to buy Hangeul stickers for your keyboard, available at most electronics marts.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Jisan Forest Resort 지산 포레스트 리조트

Excellent conditions last weekend, not to mention my first time snowboarding ever.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

YouTube guitar videos (vaguely) related to Korea

Except the last one, I just think it's cool.

Little Wing by Korean girl. I have no idea who she is or the venue. This video just makes me realize how much I miss my electric. Airline security measures made the prospect of transporting it here daunting.

Zack Kim - Dear Tiesto. Guitar sensation more famous for his Super Mario Bros Theme.

Metallica - The Memory Remains (1998 Korea). Sadly I couldn't find any good videos from their post-rehab 2006 Korea show.

Urban ninja. If you can make it through this without cracking up, I salute you.