Bobsama in Korea 밥사마는 한국에서

Friday, June 30, 2006

Bad Kids 나쁜 학생들

This little guy was giving me lip and bothering other students the whole class, so I had no choice but to teach him a harsh lesson. LOL in fact I completely lost it! I grabbed him and tossed him over the desks. He was knocked out cold, but at least he was quiet the rest of class.


A Korean woman samples "Skoal" for the first time. While cigarettes are old hat in Korea, chewing tobacco is not. [Edit: sorry, still trying to figure out the formatting on this thing.]

A gentleman enjoys a cigarette and an IV in the hallway of the gastro-intestinal clinic below our school.

This was posted down in the subway stations when I first came to Korea. I just can't get over the Bill Clinton-Peter Pan character.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Classroom Fun

Tired 피곤하다

My classes are pretty damn interesting.

Comforting message from a student

On the geo-political climate and safety of living in Korea [Click Here]

World Cup Madness

[Click Here] 600,000 fans gathered downtown for the game against Togo. The Korean mascot is the "Red Devil", hence the red horns people wear.